• Realization of becoming a mum!

    17th Aug 2019 by

    Evening all, I came home this evening from my friends baby shower and I was so tired! I sat on my sofa in silence then it hit me… In just possible 2 weeks I’m going to be a mummy! John is got to be a daddy and we together are going to be a family!… Read more

  • Invisible Illness

    15th Aug 2019 by

    I want to talk to you about my brain tumour, I feel talking about it helps me come to terms with it. I’m not writing this for symphony, I’m writing because I want people to understand the tumour and me! People ask me how I deal with it, well I don’t have a choice so… Read more

  • 5 things to do in the country side

    14th Aug 2019 by

    Hey lovely country people, I thought I would give you an in site to some of the top activities I love to do and also activities I can’t wait to do with my baby! I am a strong believer that all this technology for children is what’s making the world a horrible place (in certain… Read more

  • Judged Pregnancy : 35 weeks

    13th Aug 2019 by

    Morning! Yes that’s me in the middle of my two best friends. 35weeks pregnant and just 4 weeks to go! Crazy as it seems but ive finally come to terms our life is going to change in a month (for the better), we cant wait. As ive gone through pregnancy there has been a lot… Read more

  • Introducing Me..

    12th Aug 2019 by

    Hey, Well this is my second attempt at Blogging. First attempt went well but then alot happened and I lost it but I’m back now and more ready then ever to share with you all. This is me, Elisha Hudson. Mum to be in 4 weeks! I live in Norfolk, tiny village with my partner… Read more

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